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SS wire braided silicone hose

5. SS wire braided silicone hose (2)

Main Features

  • High pressure resistant, able to be used in vaccum enviroment
  • Able to withstand extreme temperature, compression, chemicals, ozone, UV, radiation, moisture and environmental exposure;
  • Anti-breaking, and anti-kinking;
  • Raw material FDA CFR 177.2600, ISO 10993 standards

The silicone steel wire hose or high pressure silicone hose is made of high purity silicone material and reinforced by 304/316L stainless steel,  which has high compression and high vacuum resistance.

The inner tube of the steel wire tube is made of platinum cured high-purity silicone material, with a hardness of 70A. In the middle layer, the stainess steel wire prop up the wall and resist the negative pressure. 

5. braided silicone hose (1)

The sanitary silicone hose can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria, and the tough polyester fabric with steel wire greatly increase the working pressure and help maintain the flow of fluid.  The steel wire silicone hose has good flexibility, durability, chemical resistance and heat resistance,  and the spiral steel wire is grounded to discharge static electricity,  It is the ideal hose for pharmacy, biotechnology, and food&beverage industry. This is high pressure silicone hose.

The hose clamps is made of 316L stainless steel, and is crimped and molded according to the requirements of the SZR (no dead angle and no residue at the connection) standard. We equip customers with SMS, DIN, flange and sanitary chuck series of joints, and we can also customize other types of joints according to customer requirements.

Basic Information

Manufacturing technique

 silicone extrusion + steel wire and fabric weaving


 Four layers of polyester fabric

Steel wire

 single-layer 304/316 stainless steel wire,wire interval 6mm

Inner wall

 transparent and smooth

Outer wall

 transparent and smooth(other colors available)


 Clear or customized

Diameter range


Diameter tolerance


Standard length

 6 meters/bag, can be customized under 6 meters

Temperature range


Sample period

 1-2 days(5-8 days for customized tubing)

Daily capacity

 1000 meters


 30 meteres

Physical Properties

Hardness Liner


Hardness Cover


Tensile strength


Elongation at break


Tear resistance (tear strength)


Britle temperature

-40°C (-40 ℉)

Maximum Operating Temperature

180°C (356 ℉)


Item Code ID Thickness OD Min. Bend Radius Working Pressure Burst Pressure Vacuum
(mm) (inch) (mm) (mm) (inch) (mm) (inch) (Bar) Psi (Bar) (Psi) (Bar) (Psi)
RFSV-003 12.7 1/2’’ 5.20 23.1 0.91 39.0   9.9 144 29.8 433         0.91         13.23
RFSV-005 19.0 3/4’’ 5.20 29.4 1.16 54.0   8.3 120 24.8 359
RFSV-006 25.4 1.00’’ 5.20 35.8 1.41 68.0   7.4 107 22.2 321
RFSV-009 38.1 1.50’’ 5.20 48.5 1.91 112.0   5.7 83 17.2 250
RFSV-012 50.8 2.00’’ 5.20 61.2 2.41 144.0   4.6 67 13.8 200
RFSV-015 63.5 2.50’’ 5.20 73.9 2.91 181.0   3.8 55 11.3 164
RFSV-022 76.2 3.0’’ 5.20 86.6 3.41 232.0   3.0 44 9.1 132
RFSV-025 101.6 4.0’’ 5.20 112.0 4.41 367.0   1.9 27 5.6 82


High pressure silicone hose used in special environment operations, used in the connection of some food and medical equipment, as well as biotechnology, cosmetics, food, dairy products,  can be used for liquid medicine delivery, vaccines, pharmaceutical preparations and other industries.


Max Length for MXSV: Max 6 meters for all of sizes

We have a professional cutting machine that can cut various products with shorter lengths according to customer requirements. Then use OPP bags and standard cartons.

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