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Silicone Foam China Supplier & Manufacturer

Tenchy is a leading manufacturer of high-quality silicone foam products in China. We offer a wide range of foam silicone products, including silicone foam sheets, silicone foam gaskets, silicone foam strips, and silicone foam tubes. Our closed cell silicone foam is known for its excellent sealing, cushioning, and insulation properties, making it ideal for various applications across multiple industries.

Main Features

  • Excellent sealing capabilities
  • High design flexibility
  • Controlled compression and recovery
  • Low flammability (UL 94 V-0 compliant)
  • Low density and lightweight
  • Resistance to harsh chemicals
  • Non-toxic and safe
Various sizes and colors of silicone foam sheets, stripes, hoses and gaskets produced by Tenchy

Silicone Foam Types

Tenchy offers two main types of silicone foam:

  • Silicone foam sheets: Available in various thicknesses and densities, these versatile sheets are ideal for gaskets, seals, cushioning, thermal insulation, sound dampening, and electrical insulation.
  • Silicone foam hose strips: Specifically designed for sealing and insulation in challenging environments, these strips are commonly used for electronic equipment seals, water sealing, cushioning, flame retardancy, sound and vibration insulation, oven seals, and food processing machinery.
1. Silicone foam hose strip (1)
2. Silicone foam sheet (1)
Highly Effective Sealing

Silicone foam creates airtight seals, preventing moisture, dust, and contaminants from entering. Its compressible nature allows it to conform to irregular surfaces, making it ideal for gaskets and seals in various applications.

Design Versatility

Foam silicone can be easily fabricated into a wide range of shapes and sizes, accommodating intricate designs. This flexibility makes it suitable for custom seals, gaskets, and other components.

Long-lasting Performance

Silicone foam has excellent compression set and recovery, ensuring it maintains its shape and sealing properties over time. Its durability and resistance to harsh chemicals contribute to long-lasting performance.

Premium Quality and Delivery

Tenchy’s silicone foam is not only a high-performance material but also comes with premium packing and shipping, ensuring it arrives in optimal condition and ready for use.

Why Choose Tenchy's Silicone Foam?

Tenchy is a trusted supplier of high-quality silicone foam products. We offer competitive pricing, fast lead times, and customized solutions to meet your specific needs. Our expertise in silicone foam sheets, silicone foam gaskets, and silicone foam rubber sheets ensures optimal performance and reliability for your applications.

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Foam/Sponge Silicone Parameters

Production Process Silicone Extrusion
Density 0.4-0.6g/cm³
Hardness 10 Shore A-30 Shore A
Temperature Resistance -60℃-200℃
Standard RoHS, ISO, REACH, FDA
Tensile Strength ≥0.90MPa
Elongation at Break ≥286%
Compression Set 10%
Tear Strength ≥3.47 KN/m
Weather Resistance Durability, UV Resistance
Temperature Resistance
Moisture Resistance
Chemical Resistance Mild Acids and Hases Resistance
Solvents Resistance
Oxidation Resistance
Oil Resistance Oil Resistance
Hydrocarbon Exposure Resistance
Plasticizers and Lubricants Resistance
Water Absorption Low Water Absorption(<1%)
High Hydrophobic Nature
Cured Method Peroxide Cured

Silicone Foam Applications

Extruded silicone seal & gaskets applided in aircraft


Silicone foam is used in aerospace applications for sealing, insulation, and cushioning due to its lightweight, durability, and resistance to extreme temperatures and pressures.

Extruded silicone seal & gaskets for windows in vehicles


The automotive industry utilizes foam silicone for gaskets, seals, cushioning, and insulation. Its resistance to automotive fluids, vibration dampening capabilities, and ability to withstand extreme temperatures make it ideal for this sector.

Extruded silicone seals used in medical devices to provide shock absorption for sensitive components


The medical sector relies on silicone foam for its biocompatibility, cleanliness, and ability to be sterilized. Its applications include wound care, medical device cushioning, and sealing solutions.

Silicone foam used in construction for thermal insulation


Construction applications benefit greatly from foam silicone’s adaptability and resilience. Its low density makes it an excellent choice for lightweight yet robust sealing materials. The foam’s ability to conform to irregular surfaces and its resistance to weathering and UV light contribute to the longevity of building structures. Additionally, flame-rated foam silicone is often employed to meet stringent fire safety regulations within the construction industry.

More Information

Silicone foam is an advanced material made from rubberised foam with a porous structure. This unique composition results in a lightweight, flexible foam with various beneficial properties. Notable for its versatility, foam silicone can be crafted into various forms, including silicone foam sheets, silicone foam strips, and custom shapes to suit diverse applications. Its inherent characteristics make it ideal for sealing, cushioning, and insulating purposes across multiple industries.


1. What is the flammability rating of Tenchy’s silicone foam?

Our silicone foam meets the UL 94 V-0 standard for flame retardancy.

2. Can Tenchy manufacture silicone foam in custom shapes and sizes?

Yes, we can create custom silicone foam products to your specifications.

3. Is Tenchy’s silicone foam suitable for food contact applications?

Yes, we offer food-grade silicone foam that meets the requirements of 21 CFR 177.

4. What is the difference between closed-cell and open-cell silicone foam?

Closed cell silicone foam has a structure where air is trapped within the cells, providing better insulation and compression set properties. Open-cell silicone foam has interconnected cells, making it more breathable and flexible.

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