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Tenchy is a leading supplier in silicone rubber manufacturing, we have silicone extrusion lines, solid silicone molding machines and LSR molding machines. We are professional manufacturer of silicone products for over 13 years.

Capabilities & Services

Tenchy concentrates on Silicone Rubber manufacturing and is a leading supplier of advanced Silicone rubber molding, Extrusion and die cutting services for various applications and projects worldwide.

Our mission is to solve the problems encountered in silicone rubber for our customers, and provide highest quality and fair price silicone rubber products worldwide.

Based on more than 13 years of experience in the silicone industry, we provide our customers the best solutions and Fast samples delivery service. We have capability to produce various customized samples in a short period of time, we are committed to become the best solution provider and problem solver.

Silicone Rubber Extrusion

Silicone Rubber Molding

Die Cutting Service

LSR Injection Molding

Splicing/Bonding Service

Workingshop Showing

Rubber mixing machine
Silicone Extrusion Machine
Extrusion Line
Splicing Machine
Silicone Pressing Molding Machine
Silicone Demould
LSR silicone injection machine
Baking Room
QC Dept
Raw material warehouse
Clean Room Door
Clean room passage
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