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Thin Wall Silicone Tubing

Clear thin wall silicone tube with various diameters from Tenchy

Main Features

  • Customizable Dimensions: Exacting control over inside diameter, outside diameter, and wall thickness (0.1mm+).
  • Material Variety: Multi-layer constructions with unique material combinations.
  • Precision Engineering: Custom profiles including bends, coils, and pigtails.
  • Post-Processing Options: Cutting, spooling, printing, drilling, and more.
  • Small Diameter Capabilities: Extrusions under 0.02 inch / 5 mm in diameter.

Tenchy’s thin wall silicone tubing offers unparalleled versatility and customization for various applications. Our advanced extrusion processes allow us to create silicone tubing with precise specifications, catering to diverse industry needs. From medical-grade silicone tubing to food-grade silicone tubing, we deliver high-quality solutions with exceptional flexibility, durability, and resistance to temperature extremes and chemicals.

Thin Wall Silicone Tubing Benefits

Tenchy’s thin wall silicone tubing provides numerous advantages, including excellent flexibility for complex designs, superior chemical resistance for demanding environments, and biocompatibility for medical and food applications. Our custom solutions ensure optimal performance and efficiency for your specific needs.

Thin Wall Silicone Tubing Specifications

MaterialSilicone rubber (various grades and durometers available)
Inside DiameterRange of available sizes
Outside DiameterRange of available sizes
Wall Thickness0.1mm+
LengthCustom lengths available
ColorVarious colors available


  • Medical Devices: Catheters, feeding tubes, peristaltic pump tubing, respiratory equipment.
  • Food & Beverage: Liquid transfer, food handling, beverage dispensing.
  • Pharmaceutical: Fluid transfer, chemical processing, research & development.
  • Laboratory & Research: Chromatography, fluid handling, analytical equipment.
  • Industrial: Pneumatic systems, fluid transfer, peristaltic pumps.

Discuss your unique thin wall silicone tubing needs with Tenchy’s experts and discover the perfect custom solution. Contact us today!

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