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Silicone Foam Hose Strip

Tenchy’s high-quality silicone foam hose strips, made from closed-cell silicone foam, offer superior oil resistance, temperature resistance (-60~200°C), and long-term durability. Ideal for demanding sealing, gasket, and industrial applications requiring a reliable silicone sponge solution.

  • High and low temperature resistance -60 ℃ to 200 ℃
  • High flame retardancy
  • Electrical insulation
  • Physiological inertia

Silicone Foam Hose Strip Description

Silicone foam hose strips are a versatile and durable closed cell silicone foam material widely used across various industries for their superior properties. As a leading China supplier, Tenchy excels in producing foam silicone hose products like silicone foam sheet and silicone foam hose strip. Our premium silicone foam strips are specifically engineered for industrial applications, making them an ideal choice for wholesale buyers looking for reliable silicone sponge solutions.

With outstanding oil resistance and a robust pressure rating, these foam rubber strips stand out in fluid conveyance. Crafted with advanced synthetic fibers and high-quality silicone foam gasket material, they guarantee durability and hose strength. Experience unmatched performance, enhanced by a polyester weave for added flexibility. Partner with us, the distributor’s top choice for cutting-edge silicone strip seal solutions.

Silicone foam strips boast excellent resistance to compression and deformation. Unlike traditional carbon-based foaming materials, our high temperature silicone foam can withstand extreme temperatures (-60~200°C), making it a superior silicone gasket strip. Additionally, the material features exceptional aging resistance and weather resistance, positioning it as an ideal sponge strip for various types of high-performance sealing, shock absorption, cushioning, sound insulation, protection, and insulation. You will find our silicone foam hose strip to be an indispensable component in their inventory, offering unmatched quality and performance.

Silicone Foam Hose Strip Data Sheet

No. Testing Items Unit Standard Limit Actual Measurement
1 Appearance / / Red/Grey Red/Grey
2 Density g.cm3 GB/T533-2008 0.50±0.1 0.386
3 Hardness(ShoreC) ° GB/T 531.1-2008 30±5 20
4 Compression set 100℃×22h,compression 50% % ASTM D 1056, 100℃@50% ≤ 10.0 ≤ 9.4
5 Tensile strength MPa GB/T 528-2009 ≥ 0.7 ≥ 0.90
6 Elongation at break % GB/T 528-2009 ≥ 250 ≥ 286
7 Tear Strength kN/m GB/T 529-2008 ≥ 3.0 ≥ 3.47
8 ROHS / ROHS Qualified Qualified

Need reliable, high-performance silicone foam hose strips? Tenchy, a leading China supplier, offers durable, temperature-resistant (-60~200°C) solutions ideal for sealing, gaskets, and industrial applications. Contact us today for wholesale pricing and experience the Tenchy difference!

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Silicone Foam Hose Strip Applications

Silicone foam hose strips are used in various industries for their excellent properties. Some of the industries where they are commonly used include:

  • 5G base station equipment
  • New energy vehicle battery
  • Household appliance sealing strip
  • Electronic equipment seals
  • Automotive IndustrySilicone foam hose strips are used in the automotive industry for hose construction. They are used in air intake systems, turbocharger systems, and coolant systems.
  • Aerospace IndustrySilicone foam hose strips are used in the aerospace industry for insulation. They are used in engine compartments, fuel tanks, and other areas where high-temperature resistance is required.
  • Medical IndustrySilicone foam hose strips are used in the medical industry for sealing and cushioning. They are used in medical devices, such as catheters and implants.
  • Food and Beverage IndustrySilicone foam hose strips are used in the food and beverage industry for their non-toxic properties. They are used in food processing equipment and packaging.
  • Construction IndustrySilicone foam hose strips are used in the construction industry for their durability and resistance to weathering. They are used in building facades, roofing systems, and insulation.
  • Other IndustriesSilicone foam hose strips are also used in other industries, such as electronics, marine, and renewable energy.

Silicone Foam Hose Strip Basic Information

Production process: silicone foam
Material: silicone
Size: customized
Color: black, red, blue, white, gray, green, transparent (other colors can be produced on request)
Non-toxic and tasteless, in line with RoHs Reach requirements
Surface type: smooth or frosted
Sample period: 1-2 days (3-8 days for customized products)


Silicone foam hose strip

Silicone foam hose strip (1)

Silicone foam hose strip (2)



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