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Molded Silicone Seal Ring

1. Molded Silicone seal ring (1)

Main Features

  • Food grade, ordorless and inert
  • Wide range of working temperature, from -60℃ low to 200℃ high temperature, the physical properties remain stable
  • Anti-aging, anti-corrosion, not yellowing
  • Weather resistance, Resistant to ozone and UV
  • Compliance with FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 food grade standards

Tenchy is a leader in crafting silicone seal rings / gaskets tailored to our customers’ unique specifications, whether from drawings, samples, or our own extensive range of proprietary designs. Our expertise extends to providing bespoke molded seal solutions, ensuring that your precise requirements are met with unmatched quality.

Basic Information

  • Manufacturing process: compression molding
  • Product material: pure silicone
  • Size: customized
  • Hardness: 0-90A
  • Color: black, red, blue, white, gray, green, transparent (other colors can be produced on request)
  • Temperature resistance range: -60℃ to 200℃
  • Surface type: Matt finished or Shinny finished
  • Standards: FDA, LFGB, UL, ROHS, REACH
  • Sample period: 1-2 days(3-8 days for customized products)
Molded Silicone seal ring (2)


  • Check whether the dimension of the silicone seals is within the tolerance
  • When installing the sealing ring, check whether the installation location is clean.
  • Check whether there is burrs on the silicone parts
  • After installation, check whether the sealing ring is damaged.
  • For special-shaped products, special tools need to be used when installing seals.


  • PE bag + Standard carton.
  • The label will indicate the batch number, material, size, quantity, and packing date.
  • The label and box are all neutral, no factory logo.
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