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LSR Silicone Products

LSR Silicone Products (1)

Main Features

  • Non-toxic and tasteless, High transparency
  • Good elasticity& high tear strength
  • Stable in any weather and UV radiation, anti-aging
  • Wide range of hardness (3A to 80A Shore hardness)
  • Wide temperature range: -50℃-250℃
  • The molding cycle is short, about 10 times that of conventional solid silicone
  • LSR has accurate measurement and less material waste
  • Products with high precision, can process products with complex shapes
  • No by-products in the curing process, no need for secondary vulcanization

Tenchy’s LSR Silicone Products utilize liquid silicone rubber (LSR), known for its excellent fluidity and rapid vulcanization speed, making it suitable for both food grade and medical grade applications. These products are crafted through liquid silicone rubber injection molding, a process that ensures the finished items are exceptionally flexible. This flexibility makes them perfect for a wide range of uses, especially in baby products and the medical field.

For those looking to bring their unique ideas to life, Tenchy offers the capability to produce samples from provided drawings or samples. Our professional engineering team is skilled in LSR molding, including injection molding of liquid silicone rubber, ensuring that we can not only replicate but also enhance your product designs. Whether you’re interested in creating transparent liquid silicone rubber items or require specific LSR moulding techniques, our expertise in liquid silicone rubber for mold making positions us perfectly to meet your needs.


  • Baby pacifier
  • Ventilator throat, mask
  • Medical gloves
  • Medical catheters and balloons
  • Dental impression materials
  • Biological needles for hearing aids
  • The outermost coating of the silicone shock absorber
  • Silicone tube coupler
  • Silicone sealing caps for medical devices
  • Medical device valve or sealing strip

Customers can provide drawings or samples for our company to make samples, and our professional engineer team can process and improve products for you.

Utilizing advanced LSR injection molding technology, Tenchy is dedicated to delivering high-quality LSR silicone products tailored to precise specifications. Trust us to bring your vision to fruition with the expertise and quality that your project deserves.

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