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Tenchy Silicone Seal Rings China Supplier & Manufacturer

Tenchy is a leading manufacturer of high-quality silicone seal rings or silicone sealing rings in China. We offer a wide range of silicone rubber rings or rubber seal rings for various industries, including food storage, automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing.

Main Features

  • High/low temperature resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Ozone and weather resistance
  • Superior elasticity and tear strength
  • Non-toxic and FDA compliant
  • Customizable sizes and shapes
Food container seal rings in various colors

Silicone Seal Rings Types

Tenchy offers four main types of silicone seal rings: Food container seal rings, O rings, Spliced & bonded silicone rings, and Molded silicone seal rings. These silicone sealing rings gaskets are available in various sizes and shapes to meet diverse application requirements.

Various colors of food container seal rings from Tenchy
1. Molded Silicone seal ring (1)
3. O rings (1)
2. Spliced&bonded silicone rings (3)
Durability and Reliability

Tenchy’s silicone seal rings are made from high-grade silicone rubber, offering exceptional resistance to heat, chemicals, ozone, and weathering. This ensures long-lasting performance and a reliable seal for demanding applications.

Versatility and Customization

We offer a wide range of silicone o ring sizes, shapes, colors, and hardness options. Our silicone rubber seal rings and rubber o-rings can be customized to meet specific application requirements.

Safety and Compliance

Tenchy’s silicone seal rings are non-toxic and comply with FDA, LFGB, UL, ROHS, and REACH standards, making them safe for food contact and other sensitive applications.

Premium Quality and Delivery

Tenchy’s silicone seal rings are not only a high-performance material but also come with premium packing and shipping, ensuring it arrives in optimal condition and ready for use.

Why Choose Tenchy's Silicone Seal Rings?

With over 13 years of experience in the silicone industry, Tenchy is a trusted supplier of high-quality silicone seal rings and sealing rings. We offer competitive pricing, fast sample service, and customized solutions to meet your specific needs. Our expertise in silicone o rings, silicone gaskets o rings, and silicone sealing ring gaskets ensures a perfect seal for various applications.

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Silicone Seal Rings Parameters

Production Process Silicone Extrusion
Density 1.10-1.20g/cm³
Hardness 50 Shore A-70 Shore A
Temperature Resistance -60℃-220℃
Tensile Strength ≥8.0MPa
Elongation at Break ≥400%
Modulus of Elasticity at 100% 1.28MPa
Compression Set 35% (22 hours at 80.6°C)
Tear Strength ≥20 KN/m
Weather Resistance Durability, UV Resistance
Temperature Resistance
Moisture Resistance
Chemical Resistance Mild Acids and Hases Resistance
Solvents Resistance
Oxidation Resistance
Oil Resistance Oil Resistance
Hydrocarbon Exposure Resistance
Plasticizers and Lubricants Resistance
Water Absorption Low Water Absorption(<1%)
High Hydrophobic Nature
Cured Method Peroxide Cured

Silicone Seal Rings Applications

Silicone seal rings used as rubber seals for airtight glass canisters, ensuring food freshness and safety

Food Storage

Tenchy’s silicone seal rings are widely used as rubber seals for glass jars and airtight glass canisters, ensuring food freshness and safety. Our silicone seal o ring and rubber gasket o-ring solutions are ideal for airtight food containers and vacuum sealing applications.

High temp silicone o rings for automotive applications


High temp silicone o rings are essential in automotive applications, providing reliable sealing in high-temperature environments. Our silicone rubber seals are used in car seals, engine components, and other automotive systems.

High-performance silicone o rings and silicone sealing rings used in aircraft engines


The aerospace industry relies on high-performance silicone o rings and silicone sealing rings to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures. Tenchy’s silicone rubber rings are used in aircraft engines, fuel systems, and other critical components.

Silicone seal rings used in equipment and machinery


Our silicone seal rings find extensive use in various manufacturing processes, ensuring leak-proof seals in equipment and machinery. From pumps and valves to medical devices and electronics, Tenchy’s silicone rubber rings provide reliable sealing solutions.

More Information

Tenchy offers a fast and efficient sample service, with thousands of extrusion toolings available to swiftly customize a wide array of silicone tubing and extrusion products. We excel in producing silicone sealing ring gaskets, silicone rubber seal rings, and silicone seal o-rings, designed to ensure a perfect seal for a variety of needs. Our spliced gaskets utilize food-grade glue that cures rapidly under high temperature, and the joint strength is further enhanced through a secondary vulcanization process, ensuring a durable and robust bond.


1. What is the temperature resistance range of Tenchy’s silicone seal rings?

Our silicone seal rings can withstand temperatures from -60℃ to 200℃.

2. Can I request custom colors for silicone seal rings?

Yes, besides standard colors like black, red, blue, white, gray, green, and transparent, we can produce silicone seal rings in other colors upon request.

3. What is the lead time for custom silicone seal rings?

The sample period for customized silicone seal rings is 3-8 days.

4. Are Tenchy’s silicone seal rings food-grade compliant?

Yes, our silicone seal rings meet FDA standards and are safe for food contact applications.

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