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Spliced & Bonded Silicone Rings

2. Spliced&bonded silicone rings (3)

Main Features

  • Food grade, non-toxic and odorless;
  • Soft, good elasticity, resistance to kink and no deformation;
  • Ozone, UV resistance , Long service life;
  • Anti-aging, with higher tear strength and superior electrical properties;
  • High and low temperature resistance:  -40° and 200°;
  • Meet FDA and ROHS (2.0) certification;

Compared with molded silicone gasket, spliced silicone gasket have the advantages of much lower cost, larger output and good quality. The glue we used is food grade, which is fast cured at high temperature, and the gluing joint becomes stronger after the second vulcanization by 200 degrees high temperature baking.

Spliced gaskets are generally suitable for silicone strips, tubes, hollow shaped strips and foam silicone. The seal gasket in the airtight food container is the most used. Our company can splice various regular shapes of hollow or solid silicone strips, and the tensile force of the joint can reach 20N.

Material Description

  • solid silicone or foam silicone
  • Color can be customized
  • Hardness shore A: 40A to 70A

Minimum Order Quantity

  • 2000 pieces


  • PE bag + Standard carton.
  • The label will indicate the batch number, material, size, quantity, and packing date.
  • The label and box are all neutral, no factory logo.
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