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Silicone Heat Shrink Tubing

Close-up view of Tenchy's silicone heat shrink tubing ends

Main Features

  • High-quality material: 100% pure silicone rubber for exceptional electrical insulation and mechanical protection.
  • Superior flexibility: Easily conforms to irregular shapes and contours.
  • Wide temperature range: Withstands extreme temperatures from -60°C to 200°C (-76°F to 392°F).
  • Excellent chemical resistance: Perfect for harsh environments.
  • UV and ozone resistant: Withstands prolonged exposure to sunlight and environmental factors.
  • RoHS compliant: Safe and environmentally friendly.

Tenchy’s Premium Silicone Heat Shrink Tubing is the ideal solution for applications requiring reliable electrical insulation, mechanical protection, and strain relief. Manufactured from high-grade silicone rubber, our silicone heat shrink tubing offers exceptional flexibility, durability, and performance across a wide temperature range. Its superior properties make it perfect for various industries, including automotive, aerospace, electronics, and telecommunications. Whether you need to protect wiring harnesses, provide strain relief, or ensure environmental protection for cables and connectors, Tenchy’s silicone shrink tubing is the perfect choice.

Silicone Heat Shrink Tubing Benefits

  • Enhanced reliability and safety for your electrical components.
  • Extended lifespan of cables and wires due to superior protection.
  • Versatility for use in diverse applications and industries.
  • Easy installation with a heat gun or other heat source.

Silicone Heat Shrink Tubing Specifications

ModelInner Diameter (Before Shrinking)Inner Diameter (After Shrinking)Wall Thickness (After Shrinking)Shrink Ratio
HST-022 mm1 mm0.5 mm2:1
HST-033 mm1.5 mm0.5 mm2:1
HST-044 mm2 mm0.5 mm2:1
HST-066 mm3 mm0.5 mm2:1
HST-088 mm4 mm0.7 mm2:1
HST-1010 mm5 mm0.7 mm2:1
HST-1212 mm6 mm0.7 mm2:1
HST-1414 mm7 mm0.7 mm2:1
HST-1616 mm8 mm0.7 mm2:1
HST-2020 mm10 mm0.8 mm2:1



Tenchy’s Silicone Heat Shrink Tubing is versatile, finding use in:

  • Electrical insulation
  • Wire harnessing
  • Strain relief
  • Environmental protection
  • Cable and connector protection
  • Component identification

As a leading silicone tubing manufacturer and silicone hose supplier, Tenchy is committed to providing top-quality products. Our silicone heat shrink tubing is manufactured with precision and undergoes stringent quality control, ensuring superior performance and reliability. We offer a wide range of sizes and customization options to meet your specific needs.

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Our silicone heat shrink tubing comes in various sizes, ranging from 1mm to 50mm in diameter.

You can use a heat gun, oven, or other heat sources to apply heat evenly, causing the tubing to shrink and fit snugly over the object.

Our silicone heat shrink tubing has a 2:1 shrink ratio.

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