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Customized Silicone Tubing

High-quality, customizable silicone tubing for a wide range of applications. Choose from various sizes, colors, and hardness levels to meet your specific needs.

  • Flexible, good elasticity, No kink and no deformation;
  • No cracking, long lifespan;
  • High tear strength and electrical performance;
  • Ozone, UV resistant, Good weathering resistance
  • Meet FDA, RoHS, Reach
  • Anti-aging, no yellowing, no spraying, no fading stocked under room temperature
  • Diameter range from φ0.5 to φ70

Customized Silicone Tubing Description

TENCHY differentiates its offerings by providing bespoke silicone solutions that go beyond the capabilities of standard silicone tubing. Our specialty lies in crafting custom-shaped silicone profiles and hoses that can be tailored in any size and color to meet specific customer demands.

These specialized silicone products from TENCHY stand out with their wide temperature resistance range, spanning from -60℃ to 200℃. They boast exceptional physiological stability, allowing them to endure repeated exposure to harsh conditions and sterilization processes without compromising their integrity. The resilience of our silicone materials is noteworthy, characterized by minimal permanent deformation (limited to no more than 50% over 48 hours at 200℃).

Furthermore, TENCHY’s silicone profiles and tubing are engineered to offer excellent electrical insulation, with a breakdown voltage of 20-25KV/mm. They are robustly resistant to ozone and ultraviolet rays, enhancing their longevity and versatility in various applications. Additionally, certain specialized silicone rubbers in our lineup are designed with oil resistance to cater to more specific industrial needs.

This focus on customization, combined with our silicone products’ superior physical and chemical properties, positions TENCHY as a leading provider of high-quality, durable silicone solutions tailored to the precise needs of our clients.

Customized Silicone Tubing Data Sheet

Feature Description
Hardness Range Shore 30A to 80A
Custom Size Options Wall Thickness: 0.25mm to 20mm
Minimum Size: 0.5mm x 1.2mm
Color Options Black, red, blue, white, gray, green, transparent.
Other colors available upon request.
Cut-to-Length Available
Sample Lead Time 2-3 days
Minimum Order Quantity 500 meters
Packaging Options Standard: Coiled tubing
Individual Packaging: Cut to length with individual PE bag & label
Bulk Orders: Customized cartons or bags

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TENCHY, a leading name among silicone tubing suppliers, excels in delivering fast sample services to its clients.

Boasting over 13 years of expertise in the silicone industry, our factory is equipped with thousands of extrusion toolings. This extensive arsenal enables us to swiftly customize a diverse array of silicone tubing, silicone profiles, silicone hoses, and other extrusion products to meet customer specifications. Our long-standing experience in dealing with silicone rubber products allows us to assist customers in exploring various solutions, underlining our commitment to providing rapid sample services tailored to their unique needs.

Whether it’s standard silicone tubing or custom silicone tubing, TENCHY stands ready to cater to all your silicone product requirements with efficiency and professionalism.

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Customized Silicone Tubing Applications

  • Automobiles
  • Electrical appliances
  • Sleeves for wires, and various wire harness sheaths, gaskets

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