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Silicone Rubber Cord

Silicone rubber cord is a durable, flexible sealing material made from pure silicone. It offers excellent resistance to extreme temperatures (-60℃ to 200℃), chemicals, and radiation, making it suitable for various industrial and consumer applications.

  • Non-toxic & Odorless: Safe and inert, only reacts with strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid
  • Durability: Features anti-aging and anti-corrosion properties
  • Temperature Resistance: Both heat and low temperature resistant
  • Protection: Shake-proof, water-proof, and dust-proof
  • Performance: Low compression deformation, high resilience, non-sticky, breathable.

Silicone Rubber Cord Description

Tenchy’s Silicone Rubber Cord, crafted from pure silicone and a special blend of vulcanizing agents, exhibits exceptional thermal stability and robustness against both high and low temperature extremes. Capable of performing efficiently over a broad temperature range from -60℃ to 200℃, these silicone solid strips stand out for their superior chemical stability, resistance to radiation, and excellent air permeability.

Leveraging advanced silicone extrusion profiles technology, we specialize in manufacturing extruded silicone rubber strips tailored to meet specific customer requirements. Whether you need silicone gasket seals, silicone rubber gaskets, or a heat-resistant rubber seal, we can customize these silicone seals and gaskets in various dimensions to perfectly fit your unique applications.

Silicone Rubber Cord Data Sheet

Production process  silicone extrusion
Raw material  100% pure silicone
Size  customized
Hardness  30A-80A
Color  Clear or customized
Temperature resistance range  -60℃ to 200℃
Sample period  1-2 days(3-5 days for customized tubing)
Daily capacity  10,000 meters
Hardness  Shore 50 ±5A
Density  1.15±0.04g/cm³
Elongation at break  >400%
Tensile strength  >8.0 MPa
Working temperature  -60°C to 200°C
Compression set  35% (22 hours at 80.6°C)
Tear resistance (tear strength)  >25KN/m
Packaging Coiled tubing; Provide Cut to Length service; Customized cartons or bags can be provided in large quantities

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Need reliable, high-performance silicone rubber cord? We offer custom sizes, colors, and shapes to meet your specific sealing and gasket requirements. Our silicone rubber cords offer exceptional durability and resistance to extreme temperatures and chemicals. Contact us for a quote!

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Silicone Cord Applications

  • Electronic product
  • Household appliances
  • LED lighting
  • Sports Equipment
  • Audio equipment
  • Machinery accessories

Our Silicone Rubber Cord products, thanks to their flexibility and sealing capabilities, are an ideal choice for applications demanding waterproof, oil-proof, and airtight solutions. This makes them incredibly versatile for a wide range of uses, from industrial machinery to everyday household items.

Production Process of Silicone Rubber Cord

In the production of these silicone rubber cords, including silicone sponge cords, we employ a sophisticated silicone extruder process. This method is highly efficient but also resource-intensive, with a significant internal consumption of raw materials. Our production facilities are equipped with lines stretching up to 20 meters, enabling us to handle large-scale productions with a standard MOQ of 500 meters for extruded rubber strips. The final order specifics, including size and quantity, are customizable to meet your project’s exact needs.

  • All silicone products are produced in clean room environment
  • Standard colors: black, red, blue, white, gray, green, transparent colors (other colors can be produced on request)

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