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The difference between molded silicone and extruded silicone

1.Molded silicone products are molded by compression mould, while extruded silicone products are produced by extruding machine
2.Molded silicone production adds DBPH or odorless vulcanizing agent, while extrusion silicone is adding DCBP or platinum vulcanizing agent, There is a big difference between the vulcanizing agents and cannot be mixed;
3.Both molded silicone and extruded silicone can be food grade.
4.The molding time of molded silicone is 60s-180s, and the molding time of extruded silicone is only a few seconds;
5.The molded silicone products are mainly silicone sleeves, silicone kitchenware, silicone keys, while the extruded silicone products are mainly silicone tubes, silicone cords and other strip like products

Molded silicone is limited by the size of the product mold, but Extruded silicone can be produced without limitation and have big daily capacity.

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